Planning is often an underrated strategy. It’s better to be armed ahead than to struggle later, especially when you are travelling or have upcoming events of great importance.

Pre-schedule your comfort taxi ride with Palmetto Pre-Scheduled Taxi Services, and have professionals take care of everything. You tell us the date and time; we beat the clock to pick you up right from your doorstep, safeguarding you to your destination.

No one likes the last-minute hustle of booking and cancelling the rides. It gets worse if you are under a severe time- crunch or stuck in a situation with a handful of resources. Now, you can plan for the occasions you know you need a ride on. Our reliable, best pre-scheduled taxi services in Hilton Head, Bluffton, and Okatie give a hands-off experience once the ride is booked.


That important conference you have following Monday, the ride back home from the airport after the family trip, dropping off your favourite aunt post-thanksgiving; eliminate the last-minute rush and be prepared. You don’t need to invest needless time and energy with our professional chauffeurs assisting you every step of the way.

With our transparent pricing, you know what you are precisely paying while you are scheduling your cab. The additional booking charges are also included in the billing at the time of booking. There are no hidden or extra charges you pay later on.


• Hands off experience once the booking is made
• Transparent pricing
• Reliable taxi services save time and energy
• Professional and courteous chauffeurs
• Personalized assistance
• Convenient booking process
• Best in market rates
• No last-minute cancellations by drivers

Why be stuck with a 1- star service when you can pre-arrange your dream 5-star rides with trusted industry pioneers?

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